Where to Buy Cheap Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok?


Shopping Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok, Thailand

When in Thailand, finding bargain or cheap Muay Thai Gear is a must.  If you are in Bangkok,  Action Zone Martial Arts Shop is the place to go.

Thailand is the muay thai capital of the world and is known for their quality brands of Fairtex, Twins and Top King etc. All of these muay thai gear brands can be found in Action Zone at bargain prices.

Additionally they also sell MMA, BJJ, Taekwondo and other martial arts gear.

International prices are usually 30%- 50% much more expensive compared to Action Zone.

Acton Zone’s regular prices are also cheaper compared to most local Thai shops.

Additionally, Action Zone offers up to 10% discount to customers that buy multiple items which separates it from competitors. They may even decide to give a customer a discount even if a customer is buying just one item.

We got a 10% discount on a single purchase of Fairtex FGV 15 gloves.

If a fight gear is made in Thailand there is high chance that it can be found in their store. Customers can inquire before going (See contact below).

Action Zone Muay Thai Gear Products (Pads, gloves, head gear, belly pads, wraps, BJJ gi  you name it Action Zone has it.)

And when a customer arrives at their little shop they make sure that customers are comfortable as much as possible.

A customer can be assured the Action Zone only sells top quality gear.

But what separates Action Zone is their great hospitality. Customers instantly feel welcome even before they arrive at the store as Action Zone instantly responds to any customer inquiries.

Ariya of Action Zone Muay Thai Gear (Ariya of Action Zone is very hosptiable and receptive to any inquiries)

And when a customer arrives at their little shop they make sure that customers are comfortable as much as possible in their own simple ways.

They instantly offer free bottled water to guest (not free even in Thai restaurants) and make sure every customer feels special.

Action Zone Muay Thai Gear Water (Complimentary cold water for Action Zone customers. Great relief from Thailand heat)

And when a customer leaves, Action Zone might even give surprises like freebies such as towels etc.

Action Zone makes sure that every customer leaves smiling.

Action Zone Muay Thai Gear Freebie (Ariya of Action Zone chased us to give us this herbal inhalant as a freebie)

Directions and Contact (Action Zone Muay Thai Gear)

To go to Action Zone Shop in Bangkok, Thailand:

  • Take BTS Train Silom Line to National Stadium. Take Exit 2.

National Stadium Station Action Zone Muay Thai Gear (National Stadium Station Take Exit 2)

  • Walk at Rama Road around 5-10 mins to the first intersection.
  • Continue walking just across the intersection is Action Zone Shop.

Actions Zone Muay Thai Gear Maps Directions (Map to Action Zone Shop)

You can contact Ariya at  +662-2143250 or email her at  actionzone2003@yahoo.com

Visit Action Zone Action Zone Action Zone Facebook Page


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