Vigan, PH: All To Ourselves

Calle Crisologo Vigan Philippines

Right after our Pagudpud trip, we decided to proceed straight for Vigan.

Waiting for about 30 minutes on the national highway, we were able to ride a bus which would bring us to Vigan in no less than 4 hours.

view of pagudpud(Saying our goodbyes to Pagudpud.)

As expected we arrived late (10:30 PM), given that we left Pagudpud just before nightfall.

Given the long cramped bus trip, we were naturally tired hungry.

So once we were able to drop our backpacks in our hotel room, we scampered looking for anything to munch on and get to back to bed immediately right after.

Unsuspectingly our late escapade turned out to be the highlight of our trip.

We never thought that being in the streets of Vigan late at night would be great.

The late hour and just concluded Christmas vacation season emptied the streets of the heavy influx of tourist. For some reason even the Vigan locals were gone too, the only reasonable explanation was that they were trying to catch up on sleep after the busy holidays.

 empty calle crisologo vigan (Not a soul can be found in Calle Crisologo)

One of the most popular tourist spot in the country, Vigan miraculously has become a ghost town.

This resulted to the hands of time back to the old times, when overpopulation was still not the trend.

This must be how it felt to walk during the Spanish era, when overpopulation still wasn’t the trend.

calle crisologo plaza vigan (Empty city plaza? Whaaaat???)

calle crisologo vigan (Should have posed naked instead.:))

The silence and the cold early year breeze blowing made our walk around the streets of Vigan enthralling. The mistiness of the air combining with the golden glow of the streetlamps certainly added to the effect.

Finding somewhere to eat so close to midnight was no easy task, still we were lucky to find a restaurant which allowed us to dine.

Cafe Leona Vigan (The only open restaurant around.)

They obviously were closing down, disassembling all other tables in the street except ours.

We had Vigan all to ourselves. Jokingly, we didn’t arrange a reservation for any of this.

Vigan treated us as its most prized guest.

 Dining in Cafe Leona Vigan (Last remaining table.)

Cafe Leona Vigan (Dining and posing at the same time .)

Back in the hotel, we found out that the hotel provided a blanket too small for us.

The room was freezing as we each wrestled to take a larger share of the blanket.

It was ambitious for us to try to sleep soundly under such a condition.

Not like we can’t we request for an extra blanket from the accommodating hotel staff, but we were too lazy to get up.

Grandma's Inn Vigan (The friendly staff of Grandma’s Inn.)

Looking back it was funny, that we pointed at each other the whole night to determine who would ask for the extra blanket.

It was a long cranky night.

Maybe Vigan spoiled us too much for we wanted the blankets to come to us.


(Nicco Lampa visited Vigan, Philippines on January  9, 2011 until January  10, 2011) 


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