Verde Island, PH: A Close By Escape


“Not for ourselves alone are we born.” – M. Cicero

Verde Island can be found off the coast of Batangas City.

Compared to the often crowded and busy Batangas coastline, Verde Island is more perfect for travelers seeking a more tranquil and peaceful weekend adventure.

It is a rare less than 4 hours escape from the fast paced Metropolis lifestyle.  Slow paced life is not easily found within a few 100km from Metro Manila.

Verde Island Beach White Sand(Verde Island’s serene beach.)

If you are looking for a step back from the stressful life then laid back Verde Island is perfect for you.

Surely you will find Verde Island’s ambiance suitable for your “only the basics in life” craving.

There isn’t so much to do in Verde Island except purely enjoying what nature has to offer.

Verde Island Beach Sunset(Verde Island’s sunset belongs with the best.)

But that is exactly the point. The island provides a break from our daily routine of being required to do something.

You may swim, snorkel, or just enjoy the view with a bottle of beer but rest assured that no matter what you choose to do the experience is as pure and hassle free as it can possibly be.

Verde Island Snorkeling Corals(Flowers for you? Verde Island’s has a rich marine environment.)

Just relax and enjoy the island’s beauty with time finally slowly ticking by.

Verde Island will give everything you need to feel refreshed and ready to take on a new set of life’s challenges.

Given how valuable Verde Island is able to offer to visitors, the question is how would you be able to give back?

Just like everything about Verde Island, the answer is simple, just go and visit.

Just by going Verde Island you would be able to automatically give back.

The island’s slow pace means that the residents have limited livelihood opportunity.

Often people here depend upon sari-sari stores (home based convenience stores), small souvenir shops (not exactly shops but tables) and fishing boats which are also used as tour boats.

As people rarely visit, these livelihood are rarely able to provide adequately for the needs of their families.

Verde Island Souvenir Shops(Small souvenir stalls which are hastily set up when tourists are sighted, have little to no sales most of the year.)

Verde Island Souvenir Shops(Fishing Boats which also double as tour boats if tourists are around.)

It is also important to know that Verde Island is found on the important Verde Island Passage which being in the center of the coral triangle is important to the planet’s marine ecology. The Verde Islands Passage strong ocean currents is seen essential in providing nutrients in sustaining various marine life.

Verde Island Marine Life Fishes(A trumpet fish found on the coral reefs.)

Verde Island Corals(A view of the Marine Environment dependent on Verde Island Passage.)

By visiting, preserving and sharing to others Verde Island’s beauty you would be able to both support the local livelihood.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Verde Island.

Verde Island Community(Verde Island’s small communities depend on you for livelihood. Visit now.)

(Nicco Lampa visited Verde Island, Philippines on May 10 until May 11 2014.)


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