KORAIL Pass Guide (Seoul – Busan Train)

KTX Korail Pass Counter

This is a step by step guide on how to book the KORAIL Pass (Seoul – Busan) online.

Booking online can be quite confusing given that there are so many options available especially for seat reservation.

Any mistakes will be hard to amend if you are overseas as you may need to call their office telephone in Korea. (Had a scare myself but found everything was OK when I booked. That is why I am doing this guide for you guys.)

The KORAIL Pass is a rail pass for foreigners visiting Korea. The main advantage of booking a Korail pass is that it gives massive savings, for it gives the rider unlimited access to KTX trains.

One of the main use of KORAIL Pass is for traveling from Seoul to Busan and vice-versa via KTX Express. A KORAIL Pass is much cheaper than booking two separate back and fort tickets.

Korail prices(Prices as of February 7,2018. For updated price go to https://www.letskorail.com/ebizbf/EbizBfKrPassPrice.do)

To book a Korail Pass go to https://www.letskorail.com/ebizbf/EbizbfForeign_pr16100.do

If for some reason they change the link just go to the KORAIL homepage.  Click KORAIL PASS TAB AND RESERVATION.


A few reminders to keep in mind:

Korail reminders


Korail details1a. KORAIL Pass Type:

Just select KORAIL PASS option and the specific days you want (1, 3, 5, or 7 days)

1b. Passenger Type:

Price will be determined based on passenger type. Select type base on the following:

  • Adult (26 years old and above)
  • Child (4-12 years old)
  • Youth (13-25 years old)
  • Saver (If you are booking 2-5 adult tickets)

1c. First Date of Travel:

Put in the date when you ride the KTX KORAIL train for the first time. Remember you can only change the date once.

1d. Railplus

This is a special promotion. If you want more details read here:


If you don’t want to avail it is OK to select NO.


Personal informationEnter your personal information.

Strong reminder: Double check if Email, Passport Number and Password are correct. Write down as you will need these to access your Korail Pass later. 

If you are booking for a Saver Pass you will also need to fill up the following:

Saver Pass


Terms and ConditionSelect that you agree with KORAIL’s terms and condition by ticking the check box.



Credit Card
Provide credit card information for payment. Then you are done.


Reservation is needed for sure seats during the day and to guarantee that your are able to follow your schedule.

Only do this once you are 100% sure of your travel departure date.

Since KORAIL is an unlimited train pass you can also go to the KTX stations without a schedule but the time of your train will be dependent upon availability.


5a. Accessing Reservation

Korail Access ReservationInput your Email & Password OR your KORAIL PASS number.

5b. Proceeding to Seat Reservation

Korail Reservation Information

In this section you will select the KORAIL booking you wish to make a seat reservation to.

5c. Selecting the Train Type etc. 

Korail Access ReservationThis is the most tricky part. If you are a foreigner surely you won’t have any idea which one to select.

  • Travel Category – Select Normal Type
  • Travel Type –  Select Direct
  • Departure Time: Put in 1 in hour so you can see all the options for the day.
  • Departure/ Arrival: Seoul and Busan
  • Train: KTX
  • Passenger: Select how many passengers you booked.

5d. Selecting Schedule

Korail ScheduleOne you have entered the details you will be presented with the train schedules.

Select the time you want and choose Economy Class. You will have to pay an extra fee if you select First Class.

Click next and the reservation will be done.

5e. Getting your Tickets

After you have made your reservation you will be presented with the following:

Korail Print Reservation

Select the booking and click reissue. Which will forward you to this page.

Korail Ticket Printing 1Click reissue and it will forward you to another page where you can print your ticket

Korail Printing 2
Click on printing request and a PDF / image version of your ticket will be provided.

Korail Ticket Sample
(Note you will have to do this step for each of the ticket you booked.)

Print these PDF/ Image documents  and present it to both the KTX counter before you ride the train and the train conductor when asked.

So that is all the steps. Have an wonderful trip.

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  1. Can i ask you about the selecting departure part?
    I will going to use korail pass on 3 april, i just can to choose seat up to 1 month before 3 april? Example on 3 march, can i book my seat?

    I need your help.

    Thank youu

  2. hi thank you for the useful guide. i have a couple of questions:
    1. after buying the korail pass online, i know that it has to be exchanged for a physical pass. is it still okay to reserve seats even though the pass has not been physically exchanged yet ?

    2. if im heading to busan for 3d2n , the 2 day flexible pass is ok for a ktx ride to busan and a kt ride back to seoul right ?


    • Based on our experience, once you print the pdf/jpg tickets for a certain scheduled trip you don’t need to go to the counter exchange for a ticket.

      It is only when you did not reserve ticket for a certain trip time that you need to go to a counter for a ticket.

      For example going to Busan we reserved a trip at 5am. So we proceeded directly to the train with our printed pdf tickets.

      Going back to Seoul, since we did not know what time we were going back we did not reserve a ticket. So therefore we went to the counter to get tickets and just showed our korail pass print out.


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