Kanchanaburi Travel Guide


We have prepared a detailed Kanchanaburi Guide with cost that you may help use as a reference to budget and most especially to haggle.

Kanchanaburi is a 3-hour ride away from Bangkok.

If you want an extraordinary Thailand experience, not so far from  Bangkok, go to Kanchanaburi as it possible to explore the province for one day.

By night you will be back at Bangkok.

How to get to Kanchanaburi?

You will need to ride a mini bus  (van) to Kanchanaburi from Bangkok. There are two mini bus  terminals in Bangkok.

Best to go early as the afternoon sun is hotter in Kanchanaburi than Bangkok.

Kanchanaburi Guide Mini Bus Van (Kanchanaburi Mini Buses or Vans)

Victory Monument Terminal

  1. Ride the BTS Sky Train (Sukhumvit Line) to Victory Monument.
  2. At the Victory Monument Station Take Exit 4.
  3. Right beside the 7-11 is the station where you can purchase  Kanchanaburi mini bus tickets.  100 Baht / person. Earliest trip is 4am.

Map to Victory Monument Kanchanaburi Mini Bus Van (Kanchanaburi Guide Ticket Booth Victory Monument  Map via Google Maps)

Kanchanaburi Guide Ticket Booth Victory Monument Mini Bus Van (Kanchanaburi Ticket Booth in Victory Monument)

Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai)

  1. Ride BTS Sky Train (Silom Line) to Bang Wa.
  2.  At Bang Wa Station Take Exit 1.
  3. Take a taxi to Southern Bus Terminal also called as Sai Tai Mai. Will cost around 90 Baht (metered)
  4. Buy mini bus tickets to Kanchanaburi.  120 Baht /person.  Earliest trip is 4am.

Sai Tai Mai Southern Bus Terminal Bangkok Mini Bus Van Map (Kanchanaburi Southern Bus Terminal Map via Google Maps)

Sai Tai Mai Southern Bus Terminal Bangkok Mini Bus Van Ticket Booth (Kanchanaburi Ticket Booth in Southern Bus Terminal)

River Kwai Kanchanaburi

Upon arrival at the Kanchanaburi Bus Station (Last stop), go to River Kwai. There are two options when you arrive.

Option 1: Hire a taxi tour

In the station you may choose to hire a taxi cab tour  300 Baht /person (Transportation only. This price was offered for 2 persons). The tour covers the following:

  • River Kwai
  • Tiger Temple (see details below)
  • Muang Sing Elephant Village (see details below)

Although more expensive, the main benefit of hiring a taxi cab tour is that you wouldn’t have to worry about transportation anymore for your whole trip.

Kanchanaburi Guide Taxi Tour (Kanchanaburi Taxis)

Option 2: Explore Kanchanaburi your own way

Option 2 is best, if you would like to explore Kanchanaburi in a more interactive way and be able to mingle more with the locals.

First you will have to ride a motorbike taxi to the Bridge over River Kwai.

The motorbike taxi terminal can be found a few steps from the bus station.  30 Baht /person. These people have a green vest on.

Kanchanaburi Guide Motorbike (Kanchanaburi Motorbike)


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