Impact Hub Manila: Collaborating to Realize Changes


In a world that has gotten used to a lot of things it would take more than an individual with a brilliant idea to change the status quo.

It is a fact that most ideas, no matter how great, don’t materialize. It is really a tall task for any individual to effect changes on his/her own.

Taking an isolative approach in realizing ideas just doesn’t work. Sooner or later people will have to work with other people to achieve the realization of their ideas.

Sharing and talking about your ideas with other people is really a powerful as it helps you refine ideas and discover ways to implement them.

It is really critical for someone with a brilliant idea to find likeminded people who are willing to give constructive feedback or provide a medium to implement those ideas.

Additionally, sharing your ideas with others makes a person accountable for his/her ideas and puts the necessary pressure on that person to actually work on achieving his/her ideas.

There are many ideas out there which have the massive potential to change the world for the better, but sadly most of these ideas don’t see the light of day.

Most people become too protective of their ideas in fear that their ideas will get stolen. But reality is most people are too busy with their own ideas or too lazy to recreate other people’s ideas.

It is important to remember that discussion is a catalyst for change, without discussion nothing really gets done.

The question for most is where could they find a place to share their ideas?

Shared workspaces or collaboration spaces are fast gaining popularity around the world.

In an era where people can work on their computers in isolation, people are now seeking places where they can interact with people and share their ideas.

One such place is Impact Hub which has several branches around the world.

For those in the Philippines, they can visit Impact Hub Manila which is located at 5th Floor Green Sun 2285 Chino Roces Ave. Extension.

Impact Hub Manila offers an environment conducive to smooth exchange of ideas and knowledge transfer.

Impact Hub Manila Bloggers Week Event (Impact Hub Manila Co-Founder Mathias Matt Jaeggi talks about the benefits of collaboration)

Aside from providing a place for collaboration, Impact Hub Manila also host free events like Hubby Hours, Nailed it Nights, Fuck Up Nights, Business Hub which is aimed at getting people with ideas together.

Go to Impact Hub Manila yourself.   Share and realize your ideas and experience the great feeling of being in the presence of people who likewise try to make significant changes to the world.

Impact Hub Manila Bloggers Week Event (One of the collaboration events organized by Impact Hub Manila)


(Visit to learn more about Impact Hub Manila and to be updated on their events)


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