Gastro Park Kapitolyo Review – Manila


Where to eat in Manila? Gastro Park Kapitolyo.

If you are looking for a place to eat and share stories with friends Gastro Park Kapitolyo is the perfect hangout.

Gastro Park has a Saturday night park barbecue vibe.

The ambiance is perfect for anyone whose weekend cannot come any sooner.

The park is perfect for people who want a nearby and affordable food-trip.

Operating Hours is  12pm-12am daily except for  Sunday, 5pm-11pm

Gastro Park Food Quality

Gastro Park mainly achieves the goal of being able to fill the belly and allow different flavors to be tasted to stimulate the senses.

Variety is what the park can offer.

  • Bagneto specializes in deep fried crispy pork belly. They offer mainly Filipino food like Binangooan, Kare-Kare, Spicy Bicol Express and Sisig.

Bagneto Gastro Park Kapitolyo

Tolyos Gastro Park Kapitolyo

  • Para Food Truck prepares Filipino style sandwiches.

Para Filipino Sandwiches Gastro Park Kapitolyo

  • Tokyo Tempura Unlimited is popular for their Shrimp Tempura All You Can for a total of PHP249 (PHP 199 + PHP 50 Kublai Rice to avail). They also cook Japanese Style Burgers.

Tokyo Tempura Unlimited Gastro Park Kapitolyo

  • Brick Plate specialty is their Ribs served in BBQ Sauce. They also serve Pasta and Pizza.


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