Dalugan, Aurora, PH: The Purest Filipino Hospitality


Besides the waves and the unspoiled natural beauty of Dalugan, the small hut by the edge of the ocean  is the most important reason why anyone should go. (pictured above)

“In hospitality, the chief thing is the good will”-Greek proverb

Modest this hut may be, the couple who considers it home belong to the most extraordinary persons you can possibly meet.

Here you will meet Gerry and Rose.

Far from Manila and its modern influences, this hut maybe one of the last places where you can experience Filipino hospitality in its purest form.


Dalugan Beach

 (Dalugan beach)

Out of sheer goodwill, the couple welcomes any travelers without the slightest sign of hesitation. Little possession they may have, they offer the only thing they are rich with, good values which can be considered priceless.

They will do anything to make guest feel at home. For instance, they will suddenly surprise you with an offer of a unique blend of coffee mixed with water used for steaming rice.    The smallest hint of refusal will result to them showing their genuine smile, in a hard effort to really convince you.  You can’t help but accept whatever they are offering so as not to upset them and wipe away the convincing smile off their faces.

Dalugan Coffee

 (Thumbs up to the free coffee)

At night, these folks would present their very own bed for you to lie down and rest.  Treating you like a royalty, Gerry would set dried palm leaves on fire to cover the room with smoke while Rose would personally watch over you, swaying a fan to deter any remaining mosquitoes still eager to bite.

Dalugan Sweet Dreams

(Dozing off) 

It is quite heart-warming to realize that they are willing to do this for strangers, even if they need their rest given they are old and it’s late at night.

Gerry sat with us on his beautiful lawn, sharing his stories and dreams over some bottles of alcohol he provided us to drink.

Dalugan Gerry

 (Drinking with Kuya Gerry)

It was quite pleasant  to know that Gerry simply dreams about Dalugan keeping its natural beauty for the next generation to appreciate and strive to preserve, even  long after he is gone from this world.

Dalugan Beach 2

Dalugan Beach 2

 (Hoping that Dalugan remains unspoiled even with future development)

We must share Gerry’s dream. How can’t we, when it would be such a waste if everything  that makes Dalugan heavenly vanishes in the future?

Rest in peace Kuya Gerry

Dalugan Old Man and Child Dreaming

 (Probably pondering about the future?)

(Nicco Lampa visited Dalugan, Aurora, Philippines from September 24, 2011 until September 26,2011)



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