Burot Beach, PH: Tourists’ Irresponsibility


I can’t help but get really frustrated by tourists who do not know how to properly dispose their trash. They visit a location and are awed by its beauty yet leave it looking like a garbage landfill site. What is more frustrating is that these are the same people who profoundly complain about how our planet is slowly deteriorating because of human activity.

Burot Beach Batangas White Sand(Tourists usually visit during national holidays.)

Burot Beach Batangas Garbage Problem(The trash tourists leave behind)

Worse is that they fail to realize that the local citizens who live in these locations are heavily affected by their irresponsibility. I sympathize with the locals in feeling that their once pristine land is slowly being turned into practically nothing but a wasteland. Sadly the only thing that they can do is accept that their land is under threat and try in vain to restore their lands to how it used to be.

Burot Beach Batangas Locals Activities(These kids are lucky. The next generation probably won’t be able to see Burot Beach’s beauty.)

It would have been consolation enough if it is only us, humans, who are affected by such irresponsibility, but sadly, helpless marine life are negatively affected as well. Most of us fail to realize that nature relies on us as much as we rely on nature.

Burot Beach Batangas Locals Activities(Local fishermen who depend on the ocean for livelihood are affected by the irresponsibility of tourists.)

Honestly, I have low hopes that majority of these irresponsible tourists will change for the better. But who knows, maybe by sharing my opinion a miracle might happen.

Burot Beach Coastal Clean Up(Deciding to do something about the trash lying around by conducting a little family coastal clean up.)


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