Baler – Kusina ni Lota Restaurant


If you happen to find yourself in Baler exhausted and consequently very hungry from surfing, the main beach of Sabang offers plenty of restaurant to choose from.

However, most of these main beach restaurants are expensive, crowded and may take significant time to be seated or for food to be served. The situation is really especially worst during the peak season and holidays when restaurants can even have a minimum 2 hours seating waiting time.

As surfers we want to maximize the bang for our bucks. Additionally we want to get back to the water as soon as we can because good waves can quickly turn bad in a matter of minutes.

So if you are on look out for post-surf recovery meal that is cheap and will legitimately restore your energy levels to enable you to surf again for hours, go to Kusina ni Lota.

Baler Kusina Ni Lota Restaurant Entrance (Kusina Lota is a 5 minute tricycle ride from the main Sabang Beach.)

Discovering it accidentally while walking, we were surprised that Kusina ni Lota, formerly called Hilton restaurant, has been present in Baler for more than a decade.

Lola Lota has proudly told shared that she has been cooking for the people of Baler for countless number of years including prominent officials like the Mayor. Too bad she is too shy to allow us to take a picture of her.

Baler Kusina Ni Lota Restaurant Inside (Kusina ni Lota is a simple restaurant with great food which has been present for more than a decade.)

Kusina Lota is just a maximum 5 mins tricycle ride to the main town square from the main beach of Sabang (PHP14/person or USD 0.296/person).

For less than PHP50 or USD0.296  you will be able to fill your stomach to your heart’s content.

One should try the restaurant’s lugaw (gruel) with  variety of unique twists to choose from which have been their specialty for more than a decade.

Baler Kusina Ni Lota Restaurant Cheap Menu (With meals below $1 Kusina Lota is perfect for budget-surfers/visitors looking for quality food )

We would specifically recommend the combination of lugaw with crispy toppings (gruel with crispy chicken intestines), puto with cheese topping (rice cake) and boiled egg.  A sports drink is suggested as a perfect complement to this meal for rehydration.

Baler Kusina Ni Lota Restaurant Specialty Lugaw with Crispy Toppings (Kusina Lota’s decade long specialty Lugaw with crispy toppings can be combined with other food to make a great post-surf recovery meal. )

This carbohydrate loaded post-surf meal will surely hit the waves once again in no time.

If you wish to try other local cuisine, Kusina Lota offers other dishes which are equally as great as their house specialty.

Baler Kusina Ni Lota Restaurant Menu 2 (Kusina Lota offers other local food choices which are great yet light on the pockets.)

Go ahead and visit Kusina Lota and just like us be prepared to be impressed by their “simple” cooking.

Kusina Lota is definitely a budget-surfer friendly restaurant.


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