This website is a blog of my personal journey in data and life.

After my college graduation, I started this website originally as www.travelsaveworld.com and was first created to promote my passion of environmental and social awareness.

As a  professional I found out that I also have a strong passion for data. So I decided to combine two my passions thus creating www.thedatalife.com.

Coming from a business background, I found it challenging to learn programming for data science on my own. I therefore decided to create this website to share my knowledge and experience so that other people similar to me will find it easier to foray into the data world.

This website is also my personal data notebook available to me as a reference wherever I am.

So I hope you use this website as a reference because I intend to share everything I know about data.

If you wish to see my credentials or contact me to discuss opportunities and collaborations,  message me on LinkedIn:



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