Travel Save World Objective


Promoting the critical and beneficial role of a RESPONSIBLE tourism sector in poverty alleviation, environmental preservation and nation building.

Along with our main objective, Travel Save World wishes to encourage people to travel bearing with them the purpose of making a difference, for it’s so much more enjoyable than having none.

Also Travel Save World invites people to share their travel experiences and make others aware about social and environmental issues plaguing different parts of the world (especially in the most remote areas), which otherwise would be unheard of. It should be known that most social and environmental abuses happen in remote places.


  • The two opposite triangles, colored green and blue respectively, symbolizes the interdependence of land and water. It represents human responsibility to maintain balance between land and water to ensure the sustainability of our civilization.
  • The two circles found inside the triangles are peepholes to our world. These represent our responsibility as travelers to look beyond what our eyes can see, to interact and be more involved with the people residing in the places that we visit.


Thanks to Gail Anne Ramirez, a graphic artist, for enhancing the symbol design.

Her email is


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