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I had no idea that I was going to start Travel Save World. Originally, I was not an outdoorsy guy.

It all started when I traveled the Philippines purely for enjoyment. As a fresh college graduate (Double Major in BS Applied Economics and BS Management of Financial Institutions) seeking for a short break before proceeding to law school, I decided to travel and explore the Philippines. I was then just seeking new sights and experiences different from the usual one’s I am accustomed to in the metropolis, where I had been all my life. I felt I needed a breather to ultimately determine my life path.

What solely was originally for enjoyment turned into an eye-opening experience. Although travelling undeniably brought me genuine happiness, I wasn’t able to help it but feel sadness at the same time after seeing the different issues (social and environmental) plaguing the places I visited.

Interacting and hearing the stories from the locals whom I interacted with made me wonder why they are experiencing the issues at the first place.

Travel Save World Founder Nicco Lampa with Baler Locals

(With my local Baler surf family)

It didn’t help seeing fellow visitors from the metropolis enjoying so much while unconsciously ignoring what’s around them. They were more mindful about taking pictures of themselves to boast about in social media websites than observing what’s happening in their surroundings and immersing themselves in the experience. Travelling for most was out of vanity. Unfortunately, today we live in a self-centric society.

From seeing the poverty in Donsol, the effects of mining in Surigao, destruction caused by Guimaras oil spill, accidentally swimming with a cyanide fisherman in Cagayan, experiencing how it is to be in middle of the ocean near the eye of a storm for 8 hours etc. ; the purpose of my life and the concept of creating Travel Save World was formed.

“To promote the critical and beneficial role of a RESPONSIBLE tourism sector in poverty alleviation, preservation of environment and nation building.”

I decided all together that although being a lawyer was a lifelong dream of mine, the purpose I discovered from travelling far exceeded that dream. I decided not to pursue law anymore. There are enough lawyers representing the legal woes of the population and not enough of those who would represent the real issues that would affect their daily lives.

I have instead concentrated on working hard in the project finance industry during weekdays while finding enough time during weekends and late weeknights to accomplish Travel Save World’s purpose. I became some sort of a warrior, a weekend warrior.

Work Clothes With My Weekend Backpack

(Bringing my office clothes in order to go straight to the office after a weekend adventure)

Travelling changed me a lot. From being a naive couch potato, I have adopted an active and healthy lifestyle and now a big fan of the outdoors.  I became more socially and environmentally aware. Travel has taught me to give the best in everything I do in my life, so there would be no regrets.

Travel Save World Founder Nicco Lampa Surf Competition

(Hard work pays off! Placing third in a surfing competition in 2012)

I hope Travel Save World inspires you travel with a purpose too, not only to change yourself but also the places that you will be visiting for the better.

So what are you waiting for?

Go Travel and Save the World.

Travel Save World Founder Nicco Lampa Bacpacking

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